1-G HANDY BOX 1-1/4" DEEP 1/2" KO


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Buy Covalin Electrical Supply 1-G HANDY BOX 1-1/4" DEEP 1/2"KO DEEP 50/75 online now. These Raised Ground Emboss boxes are best for light and switch fixtures. Good with both welded steel and drawn steel for secure grounding.
  • Model number: DHSSB-1-50
  • Brand: Covalin Electrical Supply
  • Raised Ground Emboss
  • Includes 10-15 Ground Screw
  • Uses: For Fixture/Luminaire Support of 50 lbs or less
  • Dimensions: Width 4" Height 4" Depth 1/2"KO "Cu In 30.3
  • Specifications: Material 16 GA Sheet Steel
  • Process: Drawn
  • Colour: Galvanized
  • KO Sides: 1-1/4"DEEP 1/2"KO KO
  • Weight: 20 lbs