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Nuheat standard size pre-built floor heat mats come ready to fit the room and will keep almost any flooring at a warm and comfortable temperature that you set on the Nuheat thermostat control.
You can use more than one Nuheat mat combined to fit any room size or shape, up to the amp limit of the thermostat (150 SF for 120v / 300 SF for 240v Mats). All Mats connect to the Thermostat, not to each other.
Nuheat mats are like electric blankets - you choose the size or sizes to cover your desired floor area - or ask for our expert assistance at NO OBLIGATION. The mats cannot be cut or altered, so be sure to choose the right size. We can help with that! UPC 620713000175
Manufacturer nVent
Safety Listing UI (US) 1693; UL (CAN/CSA) C22.2 #217; NEC Article 424 Floor Warming Systems
Voltage 120 VAC
Ohms Reading (resistance value) 54 - 63 ohms
Spacing of Heating Wire 2.0"
Heated Area Size Covered 21
Size in Feet 6' x 3.5' (6x3.5 feet)
Size in Inches 72" x 42" (72x42 inches)
Size in Meters 1.83m x 1.07m (1.83x1.07 meters)
Thickness Mat is .083, total is 1/8" with thinset underneath.
Amp Draw 2.1
Wattage per SF 12
Heating Power Output per Hour (BTU) 41 BTU per Sq Ft/Hour
Heating Power Output Total 861 BTU total
Power Lead Length 10'
Power Lead Type TEW Wire with Stainless Steel ground braid rated to 105 C and 300v max.
Power Lead Wire Gauge 18 AWG
What's In The Box Nuheat Mat, Complete instructions. Installation videos online.
Brand Name Nuheat
Warranty from Manufacturer 25 year warranty
Wire Construction Copper/Copper Alloy Heating wire insulated with ETFE and surrounded with protective Stainless steel ground shield.
Length of Heated Area (ft) 3.5'
Length of Heated Area (in) 42"
Total Watts 252 watts
Indoor / Outdoor INTERIOR floor heating application only. Embedded in thinset mortar only.